When the person who is meant to give us love unconditionally and does not, it hurts terribly, especially when it's the womb that held you.
You want to honour your mother because she is the parent, however, honouring is not allowing that parent dominate you. You have to establish a healthy boundary. When you call, do so because you want to, keep it short, stick to the point. It'll be your call, so be in charge of it. Write out a script to assist you...
I have had to recognise manipulators at work and in my "friend" circle. I've had to make decisions about how to deal with them.
Rejection is an awful spirit to contend with and often one fill that pain in negative ways. You are a precious person, you must place a high value on yourself...you are worthy of being loved in a healthy way.
Thank you for responding. I wish you courage and strength. D

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