People unravel the threads of unwanted memories to knit a whole new story - and they believe the amended version. Some years ago I came across a self-help book which encouraged people distressed by an embarrassing event - to invent a new version of the story - where the situation turned out differently - and to keep imagining this amended version until it became the "true" story. I knew someone who was expert at this - who always replaced their part in embarrassing situations in the re-telling of the story with the person least liked - eventually believing and often convincing others of the amended version. How many times have you heard a sibling or friend recount a version of an event in which you had a part where their version had very little in common with your memory (were you ever unfairly given the embarrassing part when it was the other way round?). Even psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors do this - especially when they are covering up for misdiagnosis.