I am a single mum, bringing up to boys, 7 and 11. I work every day. Its tough but I wouldnt have it any other way. I have been a single parent for 5 years. The boys see their dad (not regularly) and have contact by phone aswell. I met a lovely man 15 months ago and he came into our lives, spending a lot of time with us. He is not a dad replacement, my boys know their dad and are happy to my partner to be a friend. We were going to get married (bit hasty!) in May this year but that went wrong since it was too much pressure. Now this man doesnt know if he can stay with me, he says I moan and I we dont get much time on our own. I only have my mum as sitter and I dont take advantage. Our relationship is on the line as he is not happy, I think it finds being "bottom" of the list difficult. I do give him as much attention as I can and love him. I am so worried about my boys if he leaves, my eldest son has just started secondary school and its taken time for him to settle. I just cant bear the thought of them having this male influence taken away from them, will they think all men do this as their dad did too?