I have read many articles online that talks abut wives having problem with their inlaws. in contrast to you ladies with inlaws problem, I am afraid i am one of the few males having such problem. They live overseas for now. thanks God.
Shortly after my first child was born, my lnlaws who were staying with us for 6 wks to "oversee" the birth of my child, they caused a big scene resulted in my wife wanting to divorce. They turned my wife against me over the tiniest things. One example was that on rushing to work i was just talking louder than usual so as to allow her to hear me from the room next door if she had seen my work shirt which i prepared the day before for work (my inlaws thinking they now own my house decided to relocated my things). My inlaws managed to psycho my wife into thinking that i was verbally abusive and treating her like maid in looking after my work shirt- a complete lie. Since when a person talking to another in a different room being seen as verbally abusive? I didnt ask inlaws directly because they will react negatively to things i say. They reshuffled my furniture. and they reorganised my entire kitchen without asking. And when i was obviously and quietly upset with their behaviour, the accused me of being a control freak and then convinced my wife to think the same. This time they went too far, they have been doing similar acts whenever they visit but this time really nearly cost us our marriage and early family life. They even plotted to convince my wife to take my child away to them in month 3.They took advantage of the fact that my wife was not mentally in-tuned post-child birth. They screamed at my mother when she visited me, and chased me out of the liviing room as I tried to protect my mum from such abuse (my mum is 70). My in-laws want their way. they come to my house and decided on a hostile takeover. You do not come to someone's house and then show no respect to the host and his parent. I have been living in my current house even before i got married so technically the house is not my inlaws to claim rights over it.My mum had been very supportive and decided not to take any further action against the inlaws so as to save our marriage (despite fact that their abusive behaviour hurt her so much). My inlaws threatened my wife that if she didnt not listen to them, they would disown her. My wife treat them as God that she shall never disobey her parents (thanks to being intoxicated by her upbringing). I have discussed with my wife that my inlaws behaviour is costing us our marriage and something needs to change. She reacted very angrily and thinks that she will give up anything for her parents. Her parents repeatedly say they are not trying to break our marriage, but their actions had been showing otherwise. We have been attending a marriage course in a local church and one of the topics talked about Parental Control explaining that once we are married, we are no longer under our parents control and parents would be our "advisor" and cannot control us in the same way we were a child. Apparently her parents still think they have exclusive control rights over my wife and thus myself. They live overseas, so whenever they come here to cause havoc, i didnt not feel right to chase them out of my house for i am responsible for them as my guests. When (and if) I visit them, I will be prepared to excuse myself and my child to leave their house and to fly home early. (BTW, my FIL charged my wife and i a "rental" fee when i visited my inlaws the last time)

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