You are right, fravoritism amoungst children is plain wrong.. and parents can be so destructive to relationships and can ruin families.. I have noticed a lot of parents don't want their now adult children living fuller independent lives, and as still clinging on to some sort of thirst of control and empowerment, justified with any excuse they can fabricate. Enabling their children to live a a false life where they give them money and just plain bad advice, setting them up to fall flat on their faces only to be the ones who are their to say I knew this would happen and pick them up again.. My partner won't leave her parents place, her parents have not only been totally disrespectful to me but have insighted some sort of sick war, where they have encouraged my partner to leave my son's name off the birth cert, file a trespass notice against me and also got my partner to take a protection order out on me.. I have managed to defend myself in court, this is all because they want to take my partner and the baby overseas to be with them in their new jobs.. I have a reasonably good relationship with my partner but I can tell her parents have almost brainwashed her into thinking I am some sort of pile of human shit.. I work full time, study full time, pay rent for a place so we can be together and share the responsibility of parenting.. life is tough hahaha I can see why some people just walk away from their children and never look back.. last year I appeared over 30 times in court.. talk about madness

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