I am about to stand up for myself and my family for the first time after 12 years!

Hold my ground on what should be unnegotiable all this time.

My situation is different though. My in-laws didn't even acknowledge my existance for the first 8 or so years. And it’s not even about me. It's my amazing partner who gets hurt all the time. In 12 years I NOT EVEN ONCE seen or heard of them doing ANYTHING positive!

I wouldn't ever believe anyone telling me there are pure bad, evil people out there! But for gods sake it's been 12 years! No matter how hard I believe in good in people this is the time to forefit my believes for the good of my family!

My MIL told my wonderful spouse that the only reason she is alive is that she wanted to have a servant! My FIL made her cry more times than I've ever seen a human cry.

Her brother lures her to help him with every bad decision and evil thing he does. And she suffers. I suffer. My mom, who loves her as she's her own suffers. I don't know what to do!

And it’s really all on me. I just wanted to believe that her family can be good. And now I'm the worst of them all.

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