Being a grand parent does not automatically grant one the authority to see their grandkids....respect must be mutually gained and maintained, no matter what family dynamics are involved. I have a mother-in-law that slyfully remarks rude comments about me, when I'm around, and I wonder what she says when I'm not around. I love her so much, after all, she helped make my wonderful and sweet husband, but I am trying my best to let go of the "expectations" I had once wished for her and I, our relationship, as two women who cherish dearly, my wonderful love. My husband's older brother, the second oldest, has also become increasingly mean and rude, taking just about every moment in family outings to talk down to us...both my husband and I, and we are getting close to just super seriously distancing ourselves from him. My husband understands that on top of his brother's issues, his brother is just jealous of how close my husband and I are, while he and his wife have been struggling through their marriage. Thank you Shirley for your side of the story, gives me hope that distancing is a good solution,...particularly one that we can actually control and care for, rather thanks making our lives difficult, dealing with negative people.

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