I totally agree! My MIL is incredibly toxic to everyone around her. I tried for the first few years to deal with her fits and tantrums. I always stood my ground and just put a little more distance between us. Then my daughter came and all bets were off. You can treat me like crap and lie about me and spread rumors about me but you WILL NOT involve my child in any of that. She was actually telling people that my daughter was a mistake because we were engaged when we got pregnant and not yet married! Um no we are adults and we know how to get pregnant thank you! And she would constantly compare her two granddaughters to people when they were babies!! My daughter walked first so she said there must be something wrong with the other one.
She also is a totally moron who will believe anything someone tells her so she lives her life in constant fear and thinks others should as well. Why would I EVER allow my daughter to be around someone like that. Plus I'm actually afraid that she could harm my daughter because as she says this world is never getting any better.
So my daughter is 10 now. We moved away and we haven't seen them in more than 4 years. My husband finally realized that crazy is not something to ignore when a child is involved!
But I still wonder if I shouldn't have married him. So even with distance the question of should I still sticks!

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