My boyfriends mom was so nice at too nice. Right when i was about a month away from giving birth, she invited herself to be part of the delivery and threw a fit when he mentioned i was we allowed her to be there. Within an hour of me giving birth, she was demanding pictures to be taken . for her FACEBOOK. since son is 6 months old, she has nothing nice to say about me. Literally tells me i do everything wrong with my son. Even accused me of drugging him because he was sleeping a lot. She feels like she is intitled to have him overnight at least once a week and has a fit if she doesn't see him almost every single day. She went to his first doctors appointment, has been to every single month picture session and takes over like hes her son. I cant stick up for myself or i look rude. Every time she has even a few minutes with him, her camera is in his face and a lot of pictures are put on Facebook. I feel like she's just addicted to being the center of attention and getting likes and comments on pictures of my son is like a high for her. I feel like im going crazy. The woman rolls her eyes or leaves the room when i even hold my child. Seems like i have no choice but to put up with it. I dont trust her and i dont like her anymore. She tells me my family isn't enough for my child and i think its because the thought of them loving my son pains her. My boyfriends aunts dont even talk to me anymore and i know its because she makes things up about us for attention. Anyone have advice? Its at the point where she's talking about having his birthday party in 6 months at her house. How do i cut this woman off?

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