Amen! I married late in life and my mil is an alcoholic with no boundaries what so ever. We are hoping to have a baby before it is too late. I'm 37. I am disturbed by the idea of this woman interacting with my children. She was in such denial that we were going to get married and behaved so wretchedly when my brother died six months earlier that we were forced to elope. I didn't want to have to live through watching her interrogate my family members and the use their vulnerability as a weapon on my wedding day. People need to understand that their are circumstances that warrant severing ties. For those mil's out there who have unjustly had their hearts broken, you have my sympathy. For the others, it's never too late to ask for forgiveness and to forge a new relationship, but that will require trading in your old pride for some new self esteem. I don't mean that harshly. I just thought it sounded witty. Anyway, thanks to the author. This article helped me!

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