Hey ChloeA! What you said is so right!!! My mother tells me that being a grandparent is the best thing ever and should never be abused. It is certainly a privilege and not a right! Unfortunately my mom lives states away and although I'm not even sure that I can have or will end up having kids,.. I am not too sure I would want to have children living 10 miles down the road from my fiancé of 4yrs parents! His mother is one of those who has a VERY rough time "cutting the umbilical cord". And she is a SUPER control freak who believes that her kids are perfect and that none of them can do any wrong. I do not approve of a lot of her mother skills in how she raised both of her kids (as my fiancé's sister is the biggest stuck up snob you'll ever meet and is enough to gag you for a lifetime!) And my fiancé has a handful of ugly qualities that I KNOW come straight from her and the spoil rotten manner in which she raised them. Everything twisted and opposite from the way my mom raised me. There is no love n respect factor with them. It is what my fiancé says "just is". No hugging, no verbal affection... it's quite cold hearted and disgusting. How can you love if you never feel love? I just wouldn't want to bring kids up around people like that. I would do just about anything to relocate AWAY from them and closer to my family. Florida vs Ohio, it would be worth it! Maybe it would be a good idea for your husband and you as well. I really wish we were friends because I can tell that we think a lot alike. It's sad when you have so many good people you can cross paths with on a daily basis (others, ah,.. not so much) but as luck has it, the ones you got "stuck with" are one of the shady horrible ones... Best of luck with your situation♡ And thanks for writing what you did.

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