I totally agree with you Shirley, I have been in a marriage for over 25 years and my mother in law has been since day one,a controlling,interfering,liar, trouble maker,jealous,pot stirrer,bully and I have tried (God knows I have tried) all these years to take the high road,comply,over look,try to get along,respect her regardless and the more I did,the more she got aggressive,hurtful and controlling,I finally learned to just keep away and my grown children feel the same because they took witness and experienced the wrath of the mean,trouble,hurtful behavior she has put us all through,I wish I had learned sooner because it would of spared my husband and I many arguments and resentment. As we are older now and come to learn slowly just how much resent she has caused which dug a wedge between my husband and I which other than "the mother in law" problems, I can honestly say my husband and I have always had a good,solid marriage(put aside the drama the mother in law caused through the years). So I agree with you that some times compromise is not going to work but rather fuel a narcissist mother in law

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