Totally agree. Parents hold the full responsibility of their children, grandparents as important a role they have, they are mere bystandarders. Before I was married my Mil was an angel but afterwards her true colours came out, she cries crocodile tears to make my husband feel guilty, both my Pil throw massive tantrums towards my husband when they dont get their way. Funnily enough so far they havent done it to me in person and only show such behaviour in private to my husband.
It has put a lot of stress on my marriage. Unfortunately I went the wrong way about it and exploded every time my husband - despite our initial decisions - would come home after relenting to his parents whims.
Now I try and discuss things in a normal and calm manner but it could take several hours of discussions to deal with the mess his parents put us through.
Before we were married I honestly respected and trusted them but now with their secret fits and closet behaviours I have no feelings towards them. Any private thing his mother learns about me, loosing a job, having financial problems, private medical problems she goes off and discusses it with her friends and other family members. Its like I am her topic of juicy gossip. It is clear his parents have a complete disregard for my feelings and what I want for my son. They believe because they are his grandparents they have equal rights, if not more, as I and my husband does. Also sad that I secretly think my husband believes this as well.

Now Im looking for a new job abroad that pays a bigger salary than my husbands as I want to be as far away from these vultures as much as possible. They just pick and pick at our marriage to critisize us. Thankfully my husband has agreed if I can earn enough to support us until he finds himself a new job he will relocate. I believe this is the only way to save our marriage to put some large distance between us and them. The less influence they have the better.
I have faith in my marriage, in them I do not.

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