All the solutions described in the article make perfect sense and are useful. However, literally none of them works for me, and I’ve been trying to apply them over the last years.
Cues: no actual triggers, just intrusive thoughts all the time during the day.
Alternative responses to rumination: have tried to switch activity to something productive (work, design, study... cleaning appartement, etc) but thoughts just keep coming back again and again.
Meditation and relaxation: actually make things worse and induce even more anxiety than before. Probably forcing to stop thoughts is precisely what makes them persist with greater force. “Just observing thoughts” - well that’s what I’m already doing all day long. Despite of reading quite a bit on this topic, I see no difference between “observing” and actually thinking the thoughts.
Physical activity: considering permanent thinking sucks almost all energy out of me, those few times when I was capable to go out for a walk or do some exercise at home, so far are still accompanied with endless thoughts thoughts thoughts...
Speaking with a friend: complete waste of time. “You’ll be fine, just think positive”.
Therapist: same as speaking to a friend so far. Tried it with 3 different doctors over the last 5 years. It kind of feels fine while in the consultation but once it’s over, same story again.
Probably should add that I’m autistic which aggravates it further. Anxiety and rumination seem to be built in to this condition from birth.
So far only medication has been helpful (Alprazolam) but I seem to be developing tolerance to it and each time need a higher dosis to notice its calming effects.
Any further advice is extremely welcome - thank you.