Ever since I can remember I have had strangers look at me and burst into spontaneous laughter. I am male, about 5.4 feet tall with a weedy frame and something "bookish" about my appearance. Sometimes when people laugh at me it is young girls but most usually young men of a youthful and athletic appearance. It does not bother me that much because I am older and smarter so that I don't have to concern myself with petty things. What makes me slightly nervous is this feeling of being cut off from "normal" society, of not being able to connect with others because of something so trivial as this aesthetic difference between us. I also feel that young people are increasingly shallow in that they band together according to personal characteristics like body type or appearance, or the clothes they wear, etc. They form affiliations based on individualistic and narcissistic values and strengthen whatever weak bond they have between them by laughing at people who look different.