I think you raise a very important point, and one I didn't have time to go into here. I like the way you put it too--it is a lot about presentation and the food analogy is a good one (which I may steal if that's ok). Other animals don't care how their food is presented, but humans do--and that's very interesting. And this raises the very interesting feature of us that we care about style as well as substance when it comes to the most crucial features of our life (sex, food, death).
And, this may surprise you to learn--but I don't listen to that much hip-hop in my off hours. But, I was struck by how much a raft of people went into a denial of what Cardi B. was saying despite this being
1) What other female singers have been saying for a least 100 years (and I would bet prior to this)
2) What other female authors have been saying for even longer (I covered this in previous blog posts)
3) Complimentary to what male singers have been going on about without similar backlash (as far as I am aware--but I may be wrong about this)
4) Pretty much precisely what we find when we don sex research.