Nope. India's caste system is a prime example of a similar struggle to 'give everyone consideration, earned or not', and they're of the same ethnicity. By your reasoning they should be favoring each other equally.

India's caste system does exactly the opposite of equal consideration for all. Castes aren't supposed to mingle. Then there are the 'Untouchables.'

People vote with their feet--also known as migrating--for many different reasons, proof of white superiority (no matter how stable these 'white-run' countries are) is up for debate.

Migrants will never vocally acknowledge White genius, they're moving to Europe and America for that mentioned stability and order (and "free" stuff.) Voting with their feet = acknowledging better-run countries. (White Stupidity is allowing alien races to move in and take over.)

Colonialism is the best thing that ever could've happened to these countries. Without colonialism, Japan and India wouldn't have built rail systems, which made goods and travel much more affordable.

Whites are the the true minority, globally-speaking. They are the metaphorical goose that lays golden eggs. Anti-White hysteria will seal the fate non-Whites and Whites trained to hate themselves.

If/when China becomes the sole superpower, non-White races will quickly learn that the Chinese are 'naturally' racist and will not be rubes for diversity propaganda the way the dumb half of Whites were.