nice read, many different topics in one, but somehow works out as a whole.

paranoid and grandiosity content is dependent on societal changes, true, so in the 19th century the most people had delusions of being kings/queens or just being followed/plotted against by the "court" adversaries, and as a society changed, these delusions became increasingly rare and replaced by others.

with public personalities, it is hard to tell who is persona and who is a real person behind it, but in cases of immensely talented people, one should appreciate them for their music.

imo, vice versa regarding bias - we can naturally assume that because we're not paying a lot of attention to something or we are not attaching particular significance to it, that means everyone else must not be paying attention or giving it importance as well.

and further on, whether people actually notice us as much as we think they do would depend on our specific characteristics as individuals and the characteristics of particular socio-economic-cultural environment. one can also make mistake of thinking that s/he blends in well and is not noticeable, when s/he isn't actually, and depending on the volatility of environments and attributes attached to the difference, this can be extremely dangerous, even more so than egocentrism.