Way too doom and gloom. You write, “In the worst-case scenario, learning will simply stop, …” --- this is hooey; children do not stop learning because institutional schools are closed. Children and parents do not need schools to learn and enjoy learning. Any parent who is literate (even the illiterate) can teach and help children continue to learn. Millions of of people will now find out that they and their children can learn without government-approved curriculum, government-licensed/controlled teachers, teachers’ unions, university education professors, the mass media, and $12,000 per child of their neighbors’ property (i.e., taxes). Others will find out they can do it without the Internet and computers. Kind of refreshing. Rather freeing.
Alas, 1000s of years of human history of inventors, writers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, investors, humanitarians, atheists, Christians, Jews, humanists, Muslims, Thomas Edision, Abraham Lincoln, (black) scientist George Washington Carver (born 1860s), pyramid builders, and 40 years of the modern homeschool movement will come back into the reality and sense of the average Joe and Mary parent and Tyrone and Lucinda children and teens. Parents and children, try turning off your devices for a few hours per day, do some reading aloud, some basic math (you can find it online), and go on some long walks. Read review peer-reviewed research “A systematic review of the empirical research on selected aspects of homeschooling as a school choice” by Brian Ray, 2017, Journal of School Choice.
Controller governments, elitists, and public-school teachers aren't going to like this and you can be sure that they will soon give all kinds of reasons why children need to get back to institutional schooling. --- from a PhD in education-related field, former state-licensed teacher, former university professor teaching teachers.