Anonymous wrote:

Hey idiot,
In 30% of cases, the putative father is not the biological father.



That would be hilarious if you found out, 20 years or more after the fact, that one of more of your kids aren't yours.

Uh huh, right.


Women also poke holes in condoms, you moron. And do oral sex on men, then impregnate themselves with the sperm,

Uh huh, happens all the time, to everyone I know. Not.


"Men" like you really do deserve to be evicted from their homes without due process of law. All it takes is your wife having one bad hair day, and a phone call to a feminist shark lawyer.

You spend all your time obsessing about this unlikely scenario. You're as preoccupied as the woman who's constantly monitoring her husband and suspecting every moment he's away he's cheating with someone else.

You're silly.