Thank you for your post, Dr. Alman.

At the start of a sexual relationship, women hold all the cards, and this creates lots of anxiety for men.

Rule #1 for men: ALWAYS go to her place. If things go south, the man can quickly dress and leave. Much more difficult to get her to leave his place. She starts yelling, concerned neighbors call the cops, the man might be taken to jail,

The man had better keep the condom in his possession at all times, because a sperm-jacker could poke holes in it if he is not looking. Empty the condom in the toilet afterwards, flush the toilet, then put the used condom back in his pocket - also necessary to defeat sperm-jacking. (Yes, a vasectomy is an excellent idea).

Although there have been at least two cases in which a woman did oral sex on a man, then went to the bathroom to "freshen up", which entailed impregnating herself with the sperm. Yes, a vasectomy is not just a good idea, but imperative.

If the law allows it, probably a good idea to covertly record the sex, in case she later decides to call it rape. If the law doesn't, it's imperative to send her a text message the next morning to thank her for the good time, and ask if she had fun.

Perhaps this is being overly cautious, but the idea is to have fun and stay out of jail and civil court.

Dr. Alman, If you have thoughts on these subjects, please advise. Thank you.