Ms Swartzkopff,

We really should be concerned. The FDA hid thousands of adverse incident reports on devices, to protect the profitable device industry. ETC has been rebranded as a kindler gentler ETC, than the horrific procedure they did in the past. They are justifying the use of ETC, because they have been misleading the public on the effectiveness of treatments for PTSD, depression, addiction, and pain. Since there is a lot of potential profit here, and the research is very easily biased, ETC is being marketed as a "Cure" and a really good investment.
Most Americans, along with psychologists cannot tell the difference, between marketing, and propaganda, and fact based research. They have been marketing ETC with customer testimonials, which sets off a red flag.

The anti science administration has already used these devices on veterans, and made false claims about the effectiveness. They are freely using ETC at the VA, This site won;t let me post the VA OIG Report on the misuse of ECT, at VA hospitals.

I think we should be terrified. Anything that gives the appearance of treatment, even though the adverse events have been suppressed, can now be promoted. As long as there is money to be made. The FDA hid those device reports for a reason. Look at the source of funding for the biased research, and how it has negatively impacted academia.

ECT has another benefit, it can be used as a punishment, and a deterrent. Note that none of the content marketers at this site, saw a benefit in writing about this topic, in an objective way.