Ha! I know about mean girls!
Over 40 years ago I attended an all girls parochial school in junior high. Margie was my tormentor. She had a posse of girls who would follow her like sheep. I think because I wasn't vying to join up, she tried to make my life miserable, and she did! Back then, there wasn't the attention to bullying and this went on with teachers oblivious to what was going on.
Well, we both went to a public high school with 6,000 kids. Margie mouthed off to wrong gang of girls which resulted in her getting beaten up. I ended up feeling sorry for her, she had no friends and her reputation was shot.
I don't think with all anti-Bullying campaigns that they are resolving the issue. I think kids have to figure out a way of dealing with people that cause them grief. Aside from physical bullying, it's best if the adults stay out of it. Ideally the parents are around for support.