Firstly, these notions about how "purpose" entered the universe are purely speculative assumptions and still contains significant "knowledge gaps" in the understanding of the emergence of life, especially in regards to the autogenesis explanation. One could even speculate that "purpose" arrived in this Universe when "big bang" happened giving rise to the formation of stars and galaxies, without which life would NOT have emerged in the first place. So, can one claim that the fundamental laws of physics are responsible for arrival of "purpose" in our life?

It merely explains "purpose" emerging as a function of a mental faculty arising from consciousness which resulted as "life" evolved to become more perceptive and complex from increasing awareness as time progressed. Ultimately, at present, in humans, this evolutionary process resulted in complex perception of "self awareness" giving rise to the awareness and understanding of the concept of "purpose".

Secondly, humans are merely attempting to attach their own understanding by providing their own 'human invented reasoning and perspective to the arrival of "purpose". Besides, the whole phenomenon giving rise to "purpose" is only examined in a retrospective manner due to the limited intellectual ability of humans.

Therefore, this does not in anyway mean that the "ultimate purpose of life OR the emergence of this Universe" if one actually does exist in the first place, is similar to the "purpose" arising from the instinctive self preservation function that exist in almost all life forms.
Many of these organims are not responding to their environment because they somewhat have an "understanding of purpose" of life to survive, instead they are merely reacting instinctively as dictated by the intrinsic information contained in the DNA.
For that matter even humans react in somewhat the same way when encounter a perceived threat via the "flight or fight" reaction. No human will actually wait to think in an introspective conscious manner that their "ultimate purpose" in life is the need to survive this threat. Definitely not!

Hence, this basically comes back to the very initial problem which is not knowing the 'real purpose' life emerged in the first place nor do we know more about the nature and origin (purpose) of consciousness let alone knowing it in wholeness. So we are back to square one not any closer in knowing whether there's any real or ultimate 'purpose' in life. Essentially it only explains how complex consciousness evolved, ultimately allowing humans to be aware of the concept of "purpose". Any deeper understanding of "purpose" in life just seems virtually impossible to know for certain.

Thirdly, there are some fixed but likely fallacious presuppositions assumed when discussing about the arrival of "purpose" in this Universe such as :-
1. Assumption that the all events in the universe is purposeless and random.

2. Assumptions that 'consciousness arises from matter'. Instead, it could be equally plausible 'matter arising from consciousness', particularly given the pivotal role consciousness plays in quantum phenomenon.

3. In relation to the previous notion, a strictly materialist view of the universe often causes people to follow a possibly wrong assumption, that "mind arises from matter" instead of "matter arising from mind".

Therefore, apart from simply explaining the arrival of "purpose" from increasing complexity of awareness in life forms, no new "scientic revelation" of significance is discussed here. In essence, the enigmatic "purpose" of Life, Consciousness and the Universe still remains far from having any satisfactory explanation.