Nature knows what She is doing when She designed it so that upon reaching adulthood, people detach from their parents and go make their own way, for better or for worse. No parent has ever done any adult child any good by staying attached at the apron strings when the adult child is fighting back. A parent has the duty to feed, clothe, provide for, protect, and educate a child, hopefully placing them on the path to acquire a good way of making a living, before the age of majority. After that, there is no such duty. The adult child is simply his or her own separate person. As long as a relationship between and adult and his/her parents works and is beneficial to both, more power to them. To the extent that it causes hardship, rancor, or discomfort for any of them, that is a signal that Nature says it's time to cut the ties. Under no circumstances should parents permit an adult to remain under their roof (or in their basement or garage) without making meaningful contributions as a full fledged family member functioning on an adult level. That means doing everything the adult would do if living in a different venue - working, paying regular rent, food, and utilities, contributing to the upkeep and cleanliness of the place, treating other family members with common courtesy, etc. You know, the basic stuff of living. If parents are helping an adult child through college, that adult should have some "skin in the game" to make sure s/he makes good use of the parental contribution. The first sign of conflict or discord, or waste of parental "help," that's time to be out on your own and dictate (and finance) your own chosen way of life. Your parents ought not be running your life, and you ought not be letting them. If you kill your stupid self with drugs or alcohol or profligacy, oh, well, that is your choice. No one can save you if you don't want to be saved. Some people are simply not possessed of the good sense Nature gave a goat, and in those cases, we would be better off to let Darwinism take its course. Fact of life.

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