On matters of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexuality, she has a long history of working to silence and discount the viewpoints of others, even being called out by Columbia University and the New York Civil Liberties Union for Islamophobia, but will gladly go to the mat for anything she remotely views as an affront to her status as a Jewish minority.

She does not exercise sound judgement, proportion, or empathy when it comes to anything but her own rights, and the 'imagination' she exercises in regards to race, gender, and sexual orientation only seeks to discount the feelings and perspectives of the people her words and actions affect.

She is a bully - plain and simple. And not the least bit brilliant. If you're looking for someone for inspiration on navigating the complexities of our contemporary sociopolitical environment, maybe seek out more than one viewpoint, and a viewpoint that hasn't so routinely been proven disreputable.