I am very grateful and thankful to be able to homeschool my kids...When I started (9 years ago), I realized I had to completely deschool myself and I still do every now and then. The more and more I thought of all the mental anguish I suffered through school, the more I thought "I never want this for my children!" I was a "great" student, straight A's, teacher's pet, Honor Roll, etc...translation: I based my entire self worth on whether I got good grades and pleased everyone else with my "smartness". I was a completely compliant child...who tried to commit suicide twice as an adult (I will admit I have depression, it runs in my family) because it's exhausting knowing you'll never measure up or ever be good enough...the moments I remember from my school days are few and far between but they were moments that are burned deep into my psyche...wonderful memories of things that spoke to my passions, writing poetry, discovering Edgar Allan Poe, reading 1984 in high school, listening to the Eurythmics song of the same name and free writing with the lights turned down low. About 4-5 years ago I discovered unschooling, John Holt, Sandra Dodd, among other authors and their material blew my mind...It was a complete and total paradigm shift and I finally broke free of the traditional-school way of thinking...My kids are FREE to pursue passions and they understand that living and learning are so beautifully intertwined that it's harmful to try to separate them. Learning takes place from the moment you wake up in the morning until the final thoughts in your mind are exhausted as you drift off to sleep. If you can instill a love of learning (by you yourself loving to learn and not being so fearful of making mistakes or asking for help when needed) there is no limit to what you can do because if you deem something important and worth learning, you will do whatever necessary to accomplish that goal! I truly believe that homeschooling has been one of the greatest endeavors I've ever taken on and I honestly am unsure as to who is benefitting most from it. Me or the kids. Celebrate the gift of learning for the sake of learning, not for extrinsic rewards, but intrinsic ones.