Dr. gray,

I am a school counselor in a Pre-K through first grade school. I work mainly with the 24 kindergarten and first grade classrooms. I share many of the ideas you shared in your article about passion and how school (and childhood resume building) are detrimental to passion, creativity, and various other social/emotional skills like the ability to resolve conflict, empathy, etc.
I am currently talking with district administration about the need to incorporate more structured and unstructured play into school (especially at my grade levels). You seem very knowledgeable about schools and the adverse effect of the "pass the standardized test" movement. I'm trying to find research showing the negative effects of increased academic expectations for kindergarten and first grade students not only on social/emotional development, but future academic success as well (since academic scores continue to be seen as the main evidence of success). Do you know of any research articles I can use that can help me on my quest to change the intense academic focus for the students at my school?

Thank you,