I went through public schools, K-12, and then went directly to UCLA. I quickly discovered that I was woefully unprepared to do high-level academic work. I changed my major from pre-med to physical sciences and mathematics, a major designed for those who wanted to teach these subjects. I naively hoped to change what happens in schools. I spent 31 years in six public schools, mostly in high schools, but also in K-8 and junior high schools. I slowly became radicalized, realizing that traditional schools have exactly the effects on students that Peter describes. I left the system. Since 1993 I’ve run my own high school out of a home office. My school supports young people in pursuing their passions. It is extremely rewarding work and I’m inspired by what the people I’ve worked with have achieved. Among my graduates are a circus performer, a professional rock climber, a principal dancer with a big-city ballet company, doctors, lawyers, professors, accountants, a singer who has a successful career as a recording artist and live performer, the owner of a metalworking business who creates artistic works, and other people deeply involved in many other vocational pursuits.