BB, thank you for this observation. However, here are some things to consider: (1) The vast majority of people go to standard schools, so, of coarse the vast majority of successful people also went to standard schools. (2) Schools are very good at teaching students (and all of society) that curriculum-based schooling is essential to success, so the majority of people buy into that and at least some of them attribute their success to schooling. (3) Teachers, of course, hear back almost entirely from those students who really liked school. But in fact the proportion they hear back from is a small proportion of the total. Those who hated school don't typically send letters to former teachers about how much they hated it. (4) The proper way to get at the question I raise in this essay would be to compare the percentage of products of Self-Directed Education who are happily pursuing their passions in their adult careers with the percentage of products of curriculum-based schooling who are.