I totally believe in non-ownership love and you make the strongest possible case for it. Epistle of I Cor 13 love is this sort of love. But it's tough if she cultivates a new connection while hiding it for a long time. I mean, sexual jealously is hard coded into us and if it's not actively managed and there's sneaking around it's hard for me to keep up goodwill.

--Why would you ask yourself to do that. Cover-ups are often harder to accept than the crime.

I'm apt to announce whatever's up with me, come what may, let my partner process the information and *talk*. Why hide. If there's a new partnership emerging and there's not room for everybody so be it, but it's not okay to trick people.


I'm not confident I can sustain a partnership in the future because of my ADHD. It's hard for me to be consistent. For example, I might clean the house/apartment consistently for months becomes I'm really into it, then lose interest in cleaning and it all falls apart and I let the dishes pile up until the GUESTS are arriving or level of filth bothers me enough to motivate.

--Doesn't sound like only ADHD. Cyclical depression?

I think it will take an extraordinarily tolerant saint to be my next partner.

--Depends what's on the positive side of the ledger. People are traders, you know. Everyone wants a good investment/deal overall.

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