How different people bristle at different issues.

A move from the north to the south and everyone calls you honey, sweetie, cuties or some other endearment. I assume you don't live in the south!

I am 60 and my spouse is 71. We are very physically active, and I wear the cutest looking tennis skirts almost year round. As a couple a lot of people call us "cute". We both move like younger people, and I am a couple inches taller than he is. We both have gray hair (he has way more than I do).

No one ever calls me Grandma (and I am not a grandmother or a mother), and no one ever calls my husband Grandpa (and he is one!).

I don't mind the "cute"...I know who I am and so does my husband.

Being called cute beats a lot of other things I hear older people being referred to!