Actually, I haven't broken a sweat. I'm just trying to figure out your point. Why all of the keystrokes to make the point that each sexual encounter between heterosexuals should be recorded as one male encounter and one female encounter?

It has nothing to do with the quote you used. It has nothing to do with the article. The quote you used was:
"In 1980, 72% of males and 61% of females reported having had sex."

Underneath the quote you said:
"You have to be careful with these kinds of "observations". Numbers of sexual encounters and numbers of different partners has to equal EXACTLY the same totals for men as a group and women as a group, assuming straight encountres. "

So, the question remains: What was your point? Why did you quote that line? What problem did you have with the article that prompted you to take issue with that fact?

It was a long article. You could have chosen any piece of it to take issue with, but you jumped on that fact. A reader has to assume that you were taking issue with the statistic presented.

My suspicion is that you noticed that 72% did not match 61% and you thought: Gee, that can't be right because the numbers need to be equal. Then, without thinking too hard about it, you went off on a rant. This suspicion actually makes more sense than any of your explanations so far.