As a reader I assume that when a poster uses that quote feature that the words they type beneath the quote address the item quoted.

So, when you quoted: "In 1980, 72% of males and 61% of females reported having had sex." I wrongly assumed that the paragraph underneath was disputing that fact.

Now I realize that you were going off on a tangent about how numbers of encounters had to exactly match. Which really isn't relevant to the quote or anything for that matter. Why even type it? You even used all caps to emphasize that point.

The author of the article used percentages. You quoted a fact about percentages and then expect the reader to follow your tangent that you want to dispute something about total number of encounters. Which is flawed anyway because even the total number of encounters won't match because students aren't limited to having sex with only students.

I want to work with you to get you out of this tangled mess, but you keep digging the hole deeper.