Anonymous wrote:

You disputed the fact provided in the article that stated: "In 1980, 72% of males and 61% of females reported having had sex."

Actually, I did NOT dispute those numbers. Read it again. What I said in that particular context was that you have to be "careful". I later on "called BS" on some other numbers, but I was careful NOT to do so on those percentages which are actually pretty close, and well within the typical reporting bias difference between men and women.


The researchers considered the sexual experiences of college students. 72% of males said that they have had sex. 61% of females said that they have had sex. These numbers are totally plausible.

Of course, they are. Did I say otherwise?


It's worth noting that the question was not whether the person you had sex with was a student.

I was well aware of that. Which is why I didn't dispute that number, contrary to what you claim.


I'm in agreement with the study and the author of the article. You have the burden of proving why the reader here should believe you and discard what was said in the article. So far you have failed miserably.

Actually, I have not. You have in fact not made your point at all. My statements about the math are 100% correct. It's interesting that your "refutation" is simply that I have failed "miserably" (oh, yeah, a great mathematical refutation that is!), or your example with Don Juan where you totally misunderstood the original statements.


This isn't about math. It's logic. The statistic "72% of males and 61% of females reported having had sex." Is totally logical.

Again, your reading comprehension has failed you. Those numbers are pretty close, in fact even closer than you'd expect. And, in fact, it's all about math. That's why they teach it. If it doesn't make sense mathematically, you should question it. And so far it looks like you're a math failure.