I think it's more likely a sign that the relationship isn't going so well. Instead of being the cause of the relationships breakdown. Just as with young men who often turn to porn because dating sucks. It's more easy to rub one out and call it a day. Than having to deal with a nagging wife or entitled college girls. Porn is just an easy available alternative for a human partner. Sexdolls/robots are also becoming more popular. And strangely not just with loser men. They are surprisingly popular with good looking and financially successful men. More and more people are looking for alternatives for human partners. Because gender relations between men and women are broken. And people within broken relationships will look for alternatives. That doesn't mean the alternative is causing the breakdown itself. It's mostly ideological or religious fanatic people who are trying to blame these things for bad relationships. It's just the market. The price of sexual relationships is often to high and the quality to low.