There are somethings that are weak with doing things this way.
and number 3 is in error....a bit...

I am an Emotional Researcher for 9.5 years now.
Situations give us the emotions. The emotions give us the Thoughts.
When I have a situation that causes me to have suicidal thoughts, I don't go at the thoughts...I go at the emotions producing them, and the actions of the situation. It is this thing called...Emotional Charge.
I have watched my suicidal thoughts drift off into the distance, like a person walking away from you with a radio...soon they are out of earshot, and you don't hear anything. I have watched my suicidal thoughts do that. In 2009, I discovered a technique that stops negative emotions. Even extremely bad ones.
With PTSD, Depression, Hysteria episode, Panic, Anxiety, Stress, Shock, Trauma, Pain, Negative Emotions, and other degrees of the pressures on you... this technique involves less effort on your part, and works very well.... It works on PEOPLE as well...People are an Energy. That is what the technique addresses...That Load....or "Charge".
If anyone is interested in such a technique, feel free to do a yahoo search for "Happiness Is No Charge".