Thanks for the opportunity it will be my pleasure Dr. Dorance- Hall. First great article thanks. I'm writing a massive article on Emotional Intelligence and will be using some cited content from your article.

Here's question 9:
9. What Are High Emotional Intelligence Feelings?
High Ei feelings are Love, Gratitude, Joy, Passion, Happiness, Excitement, Joyful Expectation, Hope, Satisfaction and Calm. The high emotions are in descending order beginning from Love and ending with Calm.Love-is the greatest of all feelings because it incompases all the green feelings. The feelings below love are dilutions of Love in various degrees. Love supplies us a warm personal attachment or deep affection as for a parent, child, pet or friend.

Gratitude- is Love’s partner and puts love into motion it gives Love energy and life. It gives us the quality or feeling of being thankful and grateful. Joy- Let’s us feel great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying. Passion- We feel a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything. Happiness- Brings us good fortune, pleasure and contentment.

Excitement- Something that excites us by moving ourselves in an uncontrolled way as in winning one million dollars! Joyful Expectation- We feel full of joy as a person or one’s heart, glad or delighted. Hope- is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. Satisfaction- is confident acceptance of something as satisfactory, dependable or true. Calm- is the neutral zone of the green feelings. It keeps us be free from excitement or passion, it’s the gatekeeper between high feelings and low feelings.

So when you live in the high feelings your thinking, actions and results are also high...which means you are getting what you want out of life. Look through these high feelings and see which one you live in everyday. Match this feeling based on what your life looks like right now. If your life matches how you feel, then your thought and feeling match. If not, then be honest with yourself and reassign a different feeling.

10. What Are Low Emotional Intelligence Feelings?
Low Ei feelings continue the descending order from calm to Boredom, Annoyance, Worry, Blame, Anger, Hate, Resentment, Guilt, Depression and Fear. Fear-is the greatest of all low feelings and it incompases all the red feelings. The feelings above Fear are dilutions of Fear in various degrees.

Boredom- is to be weary by dullness, tedious repetition and unwelcome attentions. If you sit here to long you will drop down to Annoyance. Annoyance- is a person or thing that disturbs or bothers another. Sit here to long and you end up in worry. Worry- To torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret. Sit here to long and you will feel Blame. Blame- To place the responsibility for a fault, error etc. on something or someone. Stay here too long and you will feel yourself slip into Anger. Anger- is a STRONG feeling of displeasure and hostility aroused by a wrong. Sit here to long you will feel Hate. Hate- To feel INTENSE dislike or Extreme aversion or Hostility. Woha! Feel this to long and you will drop down to Resentment. Resentment- is the feeling of displeasure or MAD at some act, remark, person, etc. regarded as causing INJURY or Insult.

Feel Resentment to long and it will lead you to Guilt. Guilt- is a feeling of Responsibility or Remorse for some OFFENSE, crime, Wrong etc. whether real or imagined. SIT here too long it will lead to the darkside...Depression.

Depression- is a condition of general EMOTIONAL Dejection and Withdrawal; Sadness Greater and more Prolonged than warranted by any objective reason. While in Depression it feels like the world is sitting on your shoulders. Sit in the DARK for too long and Fear will take over. Fear- is a Distressing feeling aroused by impending DANGER, evil, Pain etc. whether the THREAT is real or imagined. F.E.A.R. Stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

As you read the last few low Ei feelings, you may have felt these low feelings just now, know it is normal to do so. The low Ei feelings probably provoked many conflicting feelings with some of them needing acknowledgement and validation. If you did feel these feelings and they and are still with you, maybe it’s time to handle some of these more powerful low Ei feelings before they get out of hand.