I still probably need a lot of therapy, maybe even meditation, but articles like this really help put things a little more into perspective. The fact that we only see our ideal futures without considering obstacles really cripples the road towards said future once you get back to reality. I feel like I should embrace my MD/escapism hand in hand with rational, realist goals or planning when think about the obvious obstacles whether emotional, physical, or even metaphysical. I've been suffering from depression since I was 11 years old where it progressively worsen over the years in high school and I'm always rummaging on my past, the choices I've made, or rather haven't made, but I did find solace in a particular aspect: the bullying/intimidation I've endured. It made me more self-aware of my actions, or the stuff I say, and always try to empathize with the other party without going straight to judgment, especially in the political climate we are currently living in. I learned how to remain neutral or "diplomatic" and always listen or ask questions while trying to remain sensitive about my wording. Just writing this comment kind of makes me feel good. It probably isn't the place for testimonies of this nature but the more I read articles, people's stories and experiences, piece by piece, a chunk of the puzzle is settling in. Anyhoo, enough rambling.

TL;DR Thank you for this article