I love theses nonsense articles that try to convince us that employers don’t pay well because it won’t motivate you. Having worked for longer than Dr, Riggo has been on this earth I can tell you if they don’t pay me, I don’t work.
1) Most jobs cannot be piece work because often the piece is very hard to define and measure. That being said, if I could negotiate a price for every task I do, it would become immediately evident that I’m underpaid. I can’t think of a single employer that could manage that scheme for technical knowledge workers.
2) Most raises aren’t substantial enough to be motivating. Duh! There’s an answer for that.
3) “Money is not your prime motivator”? Stop paying me and see if I show up for work, or do anything for that matter. The only reason I work is for the money. Power is always accompanied by money so Duh! Extra time off in lieu of money works because you get paid not to work. Unpaid time off is totally not motivating.
4) Since point 1 and 3 are nonsense, this point is too. Money is always tied to performance. It all depends on the true goal. If making your boss feel great is the target, the best suck –up will get the biggest bonus. If ripping off the customer is the goal, the best lying cheating weasel will get the promotion. Why do you think CEOs of failing businesses still get their golden parachute?
5) “It’s Expensive”! This is the one and only reason managers say that money is not going to improve performance.
Pats on the back and “Atta Boy’s” go much further when accompanied with cash. And anyone that thinks business trips are a perk has never been.