In my opinion, the content in this article is complete and utter bullshit. Maybe money isn't a motivator for people who ALREADY have a lot of money. However, for the average working person with bills to pay, it is. I don't work because I'm feeling charitable. I do it because I have life expenses that require money to address. Unfortunately, companies will find many excuses to try to convince employees to work for them in exchange for less than the pay that their employees actually deserve. No bill collector is going to accept "intangible rewards" of a person's employment such as a sense of accomplishment or feeling good. "Feels" don't pay the bills.
In regard to point number five that "it's expensive", you know what is more expensive? An employee's time. Why? Because you can never get time back. An employee is already spending the lion's share of their personal time at a company. Why? Because we have bills to pay. Employees often have to put their families, etc., second to spend all day at a job. The small time we have available on the weekend for ourselves we may want to spend it with family or pursue our OWN goals. Rewarding us with money, can allow us to free up what small time we get away from an employer. The extra money can allow us to outsource errands so that we can spend more time with our families, or have extra income to allocate to an interesting hobby. Employees ARE motivated by money. Money allows us leverage to focus on what matters to us in the small time we have away from work. If you are a company reading this, please know that a lot of people are motivated by money.