This is mostly true for women. Selling stuff to women is different than selling stuff to men. It also depends on what you're selling. There's always a emotional factor in everything. But it works different for the sexes. It's part of the reason companies, governments, schools and society fail in reaching men. Almost all advertisements are based on how women see the world. Because they are the largest spenders, majority voters and the popular group for education. So yes. This theses is mostly true. Unless you're trying to reach men. You will need a different sales strategy for the two sexes. And behaviour online often differs from behaviour in the real world. You can't compare the two one on one. A company i worked for made some huge mistakes taking these sales theories that are mostly based on female spending behaviour. And trying to apply it to a technical and male dominated market. Customers walked away. They did increased their female customer base. But it was a huge net loss in the end.