There you are.

I have lived all over the world, to include Hawaii (3 years),CA, many parts in the South, and in both Japan and Greece (for years). I found that after the first few months of excitement, you do end up "back with yourself", and your happiness level goes back to what it was before. However, your satisfaction level may increase a bit. I think that is because you are maturing and gaining knowledge and learning how to appreciate what each move has to offer.

A couple of years ago I moved from the cold north to more temperate climes in the south. I feel a bit more satisfied because I can participate in outdoor activities year around in relative comfort, while in the north I felt a bit confined because of the cold.

But what I kept in mind was that I knew that the moves would never change my personality or have a big impact, because wherever I went, I felt at home for the duration of the time spent in these various places, and soon as I moved again, I felt at home in the new place.

And unless one has the means, both CA and HI are relatively expensive for housing (relative to Ohio) so there is definitely a trade off going into those locations.

Now, if your employer pays for relocations and housing costs, then I say go for it - but if you are shouldering these burdens, then these aspects must be looked at carefully.