I’ve been through it all started off bullemic and began exercising like crazy to trying to control if I ate. Girls called me fat and boys didn’t notice me or so I thought. I had experienced the loss of my father, my mom had narcissistic tendencies especially towards me. She married a man who used to come into my room when mom left... was a victim of sexual assault on a date all in my last 3 years of high school. I didn’t do drugs although a few of my friends did I wasn’t a fan of being impaired. I was raised Lutheran church and school til high school. Was into sports and loved learning good grades came easy. Once I lost control of my life by having no say so on who touches me and no one to go to that seemed to care. I started having depression and anxiety developing a eating disorder that got worse with time til it was a habit that I no longer in control of. I’ve always had lots of compassion and cared too much what others thought about me and always felt different and out of place. Anything done on purpose for any length of time forms a habit is formed, it becomes second nature to them now. All habits once ingrained must be given time for the obcession to ease up and be replaced with a new healthy habit. Just like addiction.needs Time away from it til the obsession is removed.