I'm sorry, but this is the biggest load of crap I have ever read. Notice the symptoms and things that help dogs "cope with ADHD" match up almost exactly to dogs not provided with adequate mental and/or physical stimulation. This seems like another excuse people will use to dump their dogs at the shelters, or try to excuse their dog's poor manners so they don't have to take responsibility for properly socializing, exercising, and instilling behavioral modification training in their dog. "Oh sorry my dog jumped on you, nipped you and is acting like a crazy idiot...he has ADHD (and I only walk him once a month when I feel guilty enough)."

For fun, lets pretend dogs really may have ADHD...who cares?! They don't need to do well in school. They don't need to focus on tasks. It's a dog! Exercise the dog, teach proper manners, be consistent with a routine and commands, and provide a social life; that should be considered a baseline need right along food and water. Stop making excuses for owners who get dogs on a whim and refuse to ever be responsible and do the research and education to properly bring a dog into the family and have a happy, guided, overall mentally and physically healthy companion.