I have a sister who says the most hurtful things to me & thinks it's OK to do so. Why? I honestly don't know. My husband & my daughters have said that they think she doesn't like it because I've been happily married for 37 years, have 2 stunning daughters & 2 beautiful Grandchildren whilst she's divorced with one daughter. She wasn't shouted at much as a child, no more than any other. In fact it was me who was always being told that I should have stopped her from doing something wrong because I was the oldest (of 3 children). I'm only 18 months older than her so you would think that we'd be closer, which is what I've always wanted all my life. However because of her nastiness & her admission that she's never wrong, this has made it impossible. Even when we have a family get together & I might be speaking, she starts a different conversation & talks so loudly over me that I just stop talking. She has never apologised to me in her life & we're in our 60's now. Even when she's said something so cruel that she's reduced me to tears, she won't apologise for her hurtful behaviour. In fact I'm almost certain that it gives her some degree of satisfaction & superiority to speak to me like I'm a lesser being. I say this because she's so aggressive towards me & yet she's so sickeningly different with everyone else. She also only ever talks about herself & even though she asks what's going on in my life, (I have terminal cancer), I can tell she's not interested but thinks that she has to be polite. In fact it makes me so nervous when I see her number ringing on my phone. I just dread what she's going to say. When we were teenagers she'd be sly & get me into trouble with our parents, something I only revealed to my parents 2 years ago & they really were horrified that they'd believed her & thinking back they could actually realise what had been going on. Will I ever get an apology from her when she's in the wrong? Not in this life I'm afraid. I know this has been a long post but I really had to get it off my chest in a place where I didn't feel that I'd be criticised & belittled. So thank you for reading my experience.