With the caveat that we should practice safe social distancing and wear a face mask as of this year, 2020, when COVID-19 is running amok amongst us (!), I think it's best just to live life, meet new people, and let women pursue. Women who have pursued me were INFINITELY more tactful with the interaction than I could ever be had I initiated it. And I hate pursuing because I suck at it and feel demoralized, humiliated, and I am not cocky enough to assume I will command the situation. This isn't about a lack of self-acceptance, but a genuine acknowledgement that approaching and trying to gain that person's interest (which feels like trying to animate a puppet by pulling its strings) isn't my strength. So, speaking from experience, I now don't even bother. When I never bothered in the past, it worked out. But, when I do bother, I seem to scare women away, and that makes me feel insecure and causes me to close up, look unfriendly, and probably send the false signal to women who otherwise are showing interest that I am not interested. (You know that situation when you close up and just noticed someone was interested but are too lost in your own pain to look back up, or otherwise when you do look back up they have moved on? That's what I am talking about. However, there are always new opportunities! I know, because I have spent years letting them pass by as I was caught up in pain over previous lost opportunities.) That is why I say that I think it is best just to live life, meet new people, and let women pursue. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean just sit there (although, sometimes that has yielded results), but it does mean meet as many people as possible to increase chances of finding an interested person, and don't try to gain that other person's interest. Be yourself, and you will find that, instead of trying to impress someone, someone will find you impressive without trying, and instead of thinking that "all women won't lift a finger," you will find that some are stronger than you think (and in a way that impresses you). Best of luck to you all!