I think Snark's it differs with the situation, for victims of different past abuses it becomes a real fear to trust someone again. But if you exclude everyone from your life, it also includes the good people who can assist you along the way. I like to think of this also in the scenario of public speaking, someone suggested thinking everyone as naked maybe helpful but for some people like myself I'll probably end up laughing, so I formulate my thought process differently. I imagine that there are alot of distractors in the audience and it helps me organize and structure my delivery in such a way that when I do get distractions it's not as my fears, which sometimes tend to be the worst possible scenarios. By pre-imagining the event beforehand, it enables me to have less of an anxiety issue, maybe in a way it can be distancing yourself from the emotion. Or maybe there is another term for this but to me it's the same. Other situations that are life-threatening obviously one would need to react immediately based upon survival need. Allowing your fear of a threat for instance get you into motion, but what about those people who for some reason cannot react swiftly. Then certainly by creating distance from the pain they may find the means to see a different angle/s. For sometimes feeling too many intense emotions may lead to destructive type behaviours. I'm not sure if my response will help in anyway but just putting my thoughts out there.