I have a friend who kind of enjoy conflicts. He like being in relationships with women with a temper.

As an observer, it seems to me that he is not so good with conflicts either. He does say he deals with it better. but in fact he does think about it all day too. He does talk about being thorn when something happens.

I think the only difference is that since very little is happening in his life, conflicts bring some emotions so it keeps him from getting bored, while because I have a lot of intellectual projects that require my full attention, being in conflict with someone has a worse impact on my immediate life goals.

I'm stuck replaying items to try and resolve the issue, while he does it too but without feeling that it kills his days.

In the end, I give up conflictual relationships because I feel that I have better things to do with my life than be disturbed by perpetual conflict, while my friend thinks it colors his life.

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