That's a good, instructive list. I would add:

19. The Sunk Cost Fallacy which means continuing a bad strategy just because so much had already been invested in an initiative doomed to failure. Donald Trump utilized this fallacy to argue for open ended military operations in Afghanistan.

About 13, a Middle Ground Fallacy example is the appeal of the American Elite classes (political, corporate, MSM) to seek "moderate" solutions to systemic dysfunction in the U.S. economic, health care, education and foreign policy domains. Because the warped machinery that they have created and sustain is how they extract wealth.

MGF is essentially an appeal to the status quo. Donald Trump was elected because a large percentage of the electorate rejects the incremental change implied by the MGF. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, MGF solutions to those systemic problems almost guarantee an eventual collapse in every dimension.

A properly functioning MSM would be challenging American Elites who utilize any and all of the logical fallacies to rationalize their strategies and decisions that are obviously wrong. Too bad the American MSM is tightly bound to the other Elite classes, so does not pose those challenges.

The interesting question is whether American Power Elites actually believe that MG solutions would work or if they are content at parasitically extract the remaining wealth from what they know to be a dying carcass.